Self-Measurement of Eye Pressure for Treatment of Glaucoma

The IOPtic Mission

Our mission is to lead a new industry providing key enabling products to preserve vision for glaucoma patients.


  • Caused by damage to the optic nerve due to elevated intraocular pressure (IOP)
  • Often has no symptoms other than slow vision loss
  • The only treatment is to lower IOP using eyedrops or more invasive procedures
Progression of Glaucoma
  • #1 cause of irreversible blindness
  • Sight is the most debilitating sense to lose
  • Prevalence:
    Worldwide: 80 million in 2020 (111 million by 2040)
    United States: 3 million in 2020

The Unmet Clinical Need

Routine, Accurate, and Comfortable Self Measurement of IOP

  • Glaucoma is treated by monitoring pressure inside the eye, called Intraocular Pressure (IOP), and adjusting medications and other treatments accordingly
  • IOP fluctuates outside the doctor’s office, even during one day
  • IOP is typically measured every 3-6 months in doctor’s office

The IOPtic Solution

Reasons for Multiple IOP Measurements Per Day

  • Glaucoma progression is extremely sensitive to IOP fluctuations: Every increase of 1 mmHg increases risk of progression by 10%
  • IOP measured during office visits cannot capture fluctuations, monitor progression, or assess treatment
  • 69% of IOP peaks occur outside of regular office hours
  • After hourly monitoring of IOP for one day in clinic, treatment is adjusted for 53% to 79% of patients

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