Ophthalmologist Dr. Britt Brockman and University of Kentucky Professor Todd Hastings had a vision to develop a novel IOP measuring system which would require no implanted electronic circuitry. After establishing strong conceptual designs, the technologies were spun out of University of Kentucky to form Brockman-Hastings, LLC. These technologies were developed primarily under Phase I and Phase II SBIR grants from National Institutes of Health and under matching funds from the state of Kentucky.

World-renowned glaucoma expert Dr. Robert Weinreb was interested in similar technologies at the University of California San Diego. In 2019, Dr. Weinreb joined the effort to serve as Chair of the Clinical Advisory Board.

In 2021, Brockman-Hastings, LLC was merged into IOPtic, Inc. to commercialize the IOPtic IOP Monitoring System.

The IOPtic management team and clinical advisors represent over 150 years of leadership in the ophthalmic and entrepreneurial space.

Executive Team

J. Alan Crunkleton

President and CEO

E. Britt Brockman, MD

Chief Medical Officer

J. Todd Hastings, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Gary S. Mocnik

VP Quality Systems and Regulatory Affairs

Clinical Advisors

Robert N. Weinreb, MD

Chair, Clinical Advisory Board

E. Britt Brockman, MD

Chief Medical Officer


John P. Berdahl, MD

Clinical Advisor

Sunil Deokule, MD

Clinical Advisor

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